Do you have an attraction to older women?

Do you have anililagnia? Meaning, are you attracted to women older than yourself? Even much older? Don't worry, you are not alone and you are perfectly normal, I am here to celebrate anililagnia right along with you. Enjoy!


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Some people have difficulty, for some reason, coming to terms with their anililagnia - but I'm here to tell you, it is to be celebrated and enjoyed! You are just as "normal" (whatever that means) as anyone else.

Some enjoy sandwiches, others enjoy a home cooked meal - neither is the right answer, life is full of variety and it is our blessing to choose out of nearly unlimited options the things we appreciate and enjoy the most. In this case, older women.

It doesn't matter if you are 18 years old and your mature woman of interest is 92, or if the gap is closer like 37 and 59 - as they say, age is only a number.

I invite you to explore, express and celebrate your anililagnia by giving it the attention it deserves. When you see or think about older women, what things stand out to you as attractive?

Is it her age alone? Hair coloration? Skin quality? Experience? The way she carries herself? Really examine it and when you find the reasons, think more about them and let these reasons fill your mind and allow yourself to enjoy these things even more!

What really matters is happiness. Enjoy yourself, enjoy each other and don't be so fast to put hard, rigid labels and boundaries on everything. We're all just people. No matter what age, how we look, what we do for a living or anything else.

This site was created to help people blessed with anililagnia feel more comfortable in their own skin and find sexy, sexually active older women to help celebrate age and sexuality in a safe, discreet and secure environment.

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